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I had the most wonderful evening attending this show. This happened to be my first year. Everyone was so friendly and sharing info about the products they were showing. Great Christmas gifts to finish my shopping. Jewelry, books, handmade mittens, hats, scarves etc...you have to see for yourself and will not be disappointed!

  - Sandy    December 2018

Thanks for a great event. It was so well organized and smooth in and out.  Everyone was very helpful and it seemed to be a big success. Thanks for all your help and hard work! -  Jennifer

She does the best job at organizing craft fairs, attention to details, marketing and fairness to all vendors at her shows. She's the Queen!" - Christine

Just wanted to THANK YOU for all the work you put into running the show and  making it a successful event for everyone !    I know this is a huge undertaking  for you and your crew and just wanted to let you know how much appreciate all  of your efforts !
Thank you......have a great winter...

see you next year  !
-  Marianne

Jody, I loved the show - you’re very good at what you do!  My husband and I had a great time and felt it was an awesome show.  Friday night was terrific and it was pretty steady Saturday as well.  We appreciate that all the vendors are different and you’re not repeating the same categories over and over like some shows do - Janet

Want to thank you for all the hard work you and the staff put into making this  such a wonderful show.  The entertainment was awesome and just the right touch   to make a relaxing day.  Looking forward to see you next October!
Again,  thanks!! -  Cookie 

We had a good weekend and the organization by Jody Donohue was off the charts! No similar crafters we're competing for space due to all her hard work. Saturdays traffic was heavier than Sunday, BUT, I have yet to do a 2 day show that had day 2 as a better day. Booth fees were appropriate for a full weekend.
Set up was very comfortable because she had Friday available for load-in. More than enough parking, food, and even a location for dry camping (RV).

DEFINITELY a do again event!

Well done Jody!     - Ed


Had a great show this weekend
I was just wondering if you have  confirmed dates for the Spring show
I just want to be sure I book my flight  back from California so I can make the show.
Thanks, Stephanie  

Jody is very kind, organized and a pleasure to work with . Her events have been very good for me. " - Tonya

Simply awesome to work with you! - Sue

 Your shows are so good and you're the best! - Susan 


I wanted to say thank you for all  your hard work putting together the fall craft festival.  People have no idea  how much time and energy goes in to developing and implementing such a huge  event.  Kudos to your staff.  The door people were awesome as were the cleanup  crew and bathroom personnel.  -  Susan



Thanks for a great show Jody. 

See you in the spring.

- Don and Marguerite


"Good turnout, very organized, easy to get in and out. Love the large, open space."

 - Cheryl 



Just some  quick feedback.  First we did very well at the craft fair.  Second, the fair was  well organized you did a great job.  Lastly, I feel the fair should continue to  GROW.  My feeling is that the people that go will tell their friends that the  show was great with many vendors.  I feel that most people want a variety of  choices and like to SHOP.  When you set a business plan in motion and it is  working - don’t try to fix it.  Expand on it.
Just thought  I’d add my two cents in.
Thanks again  for the privilege of being in the fair.  Unfortunately we are double booked the  weekend of the fall fair or would have loved to join.
Hope to see  you next spring


Thank you for a great fair . My sales were very solid just under 2,000. I have  been doing this a long time and for a spring fair and a new one at that I was  more than pleased . My husband and I work hard presenting a quality product at  an affordable cost . While people tell us we could go up on price We have stuck  to our pricing based on the geographical area we sell. I thought your spacing  was great . Loved the size of my booth. And set up was easy . (Not counting the  rain) looking forward to the fall . Have a good game plan in the works . Would  do next spring without question . Thanks for a great show  ~ Alice 

Jay and I attended the May Fair.  We were  very impressed. You had maps and listed everyone and their site on the back.   Very helpful for the gen. public to find their way.  See you in the fall ~ Heidi


Jody, you run the best show.

- Lisa

Jody runs a fun amazing show. I just love doing them. A great customer base! Thanks Jody for all your hard work - Wendy


  I have to congratulate for how well  organized was the Spring fair. My husband and I were very impressed how smooth  was to move in and out.  Therefore, I would like to apply for both upcoming  fairs. 

What  a terrific weekend and so very well organized! Thanks for everything you did to  make it so easy for the sellers.  You're amazing!
As per our conversation  about the fall fair, I'm putting my application in the mail today.